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A Personal Reconciliation (2 messages in this forum.)
People who have suffered abuse in childhood very often carry through their adult lives the deep feelings of outrage and anger about what was done to them. Their reactions are totally justified, but s
Clontarf Reminders (1 message in this forum.)
December 15 1955 was the day that an horrific bus crash turned the dream of an excitedly anticipated holiday for 53 Clontarf boys into a nightmare that killed one of their mates and maimed or serious
Geordie's Spirit Shines Through (1 message in this forum.)
It’s been a long journey for Lionel “Geordie” Welsh since he wrote his first book “Geordie: Orphan of the Empire” chronicling the hardships of a young child migrant. His second book “Geordie, An Incr
Memories Of Christmas (1 message in this forum.)
At a time of year when most of us are extending wishes for happiness and joy to those who hold a special place in our hearts, many ex-residents can remember a time in their lives when Christmas was a
The Courage "to Change" (2 messages in this forum.)
Wanting Contact (1 message in this forum.)


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