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Our Commitment


C-BERSS obtains permission from staff and clients before any information, articles or images are represented on this website. If there is anything which relates to you and you do not wish it to be here, please contact us and we will remove it as soon as humanly possible.

Legal Prejudice

Contacting C-BERSS or use of its services does not prejudice any legal proceedings.


C-BERS Services is committed to every individual's right to privacy. Under no circumstances is information given to any third party without consent of the person involved.

Please read our official privacy policy.


C-BERS Services hold impartiality as one of the most important principles under which it operates. This applies also to the website and its dealing with people via electronic mail and on the messageboard.


C-BERS Services does not support spam techniques and only sends email to people who have joined the email newsletter or have sent us electronic mail.


C-BERS Services is not responsible for lack of adequate virus protection by the users of the website. Though you cannot contract a computer virus from our website (as you cannot download anything from it), we wish to make it expressly clear that everyone should have adequate virus protection when using the internet.

External Links

C-BERS Services is not responsible for the surfing on to external links and whatever they may offer or display. We offer these links for your edification and information only and make no affiliation.


Opinions expressed and held by people on the message board are not those of C-BERS Services.

Reserve of rights

Abuse received via the message board or electronic mail is not appropriate and such communication will be deleted. If repetitive abuse occurs, we will contact Western Australian police and assist them in tracing the offender.


All material and photographs, except where expressly stated, are the property of C-BERS Services and are displayed here for general use. You can download pictures, copy text and\or print off pages for personal use or for beneficial, non-commercial use.


The website was designed and created by Chris Nicholson and David Williamson in December 2000, under the direction of Mary Kearns and keen eye of Maria Harries. It was launched in January 2001. It is now maintained by Chris Nicholson


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