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Subject Author Date
Ronald Nelson Glenda Spurr 24/07/2004
    glenara michael ling 28/07/2004
Reunion Mallory Copeland, DHHS Review Team 08/09/2004
New website for survivors of church abuse Lola Heavey 03/11/2004
Bindoon Old Boys C-BERSS 03/05/2002
class photos from 1946 thru 50 liam mezzetti 27/01/2005
Bindoon Reunion C-BERSS 18/10/2001
Tardun Old Boys C-BERSS 29/03/2004
Reunion of Northern Tasmanian Home for Boys/Glenara Childrens Home C-BERSS 28/07/2004

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Mr Kevin McEwan has expressed an interest in attending this reunion. Please could you send him any information. His address is 15 Mason Street Claremont Tas 7011.
Thanking you

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