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Subject Author Date
Anthony (Tony) Hutchings Joanne Dawe 06/05/2004
    Bindoon Joanne 22/05/2004
Looking for Joe ... C-BERSS 02/01/2001
Looking for Piggery boys Charlie Brown 30/06/2001
Seeking Norman Keyes C-BERSS 23/06/2003
looking for tony mizzi godfrey gilmour [aka] tonna 11/05/2001
autobiography Skinny Johnson 08/06/2004
Joe McDonald Marg Roberts 14/06/2004
Do you remember William Pickard? (b.1941) C-BERSS 05/01/2001
Wich One? Daniel Gallagher 17/01/2004
Michael Robbins Joan Kerry 08/11/2001
Jo Murrins (Castledare 1952-58) (Bindoon 1958-63) C-BERSS 18/10/2001
John Lawrence (Clontarf and Castledare) C-BERSS 16/01/2002
John Merrigan (Tardun and Boys Town Glenorchy) C-BERSS 16/01/2002
bindoon and clontarf melissa wood 24/02/2004
Monica Blendell C-BERSS 29/03/2004
Albert McGregor C-BERSS 03/05/2002
Jacky Walsh (Casledare early 1940s) C-BERSS 03/05/2002
Brother Zanatta Gerry White 06/06/2002
looking for my dads family tanya leighton 07/08/2005
piggery john perry 04/01/2006
Guy New seeks Tom Cox C-BERSS 24/08/2002
Paddy McGowan C-BERSS 24/08/2002
Glen Attenborough C-BERSS 24/08/2002
Ex Clontarf boys Tony Ryan 16/04/2003
looking for cousin Linda Oates 30/08/2002
(No subject.) joe 13/10/2002
Wanting Contact C-BERS 15/02/2005
(No subject.) Teresa 23/03/2006
Contact Terence davis 10/08/2002
Daniel Gallagher C-BERSS 24/08/2002
    Br Zanatta Mary 31/10/2002
Do you remember Sally o'Mara 19/12/2002
castledare des lally 18/02/2003
Seeking Richard Kenny's children C-BERSS 23/06/2003
Clontarf Tony Ryan 17/03/2004
Denis Clements Denise Clements 08/05/2005
Did you know Kevin Glasheen 1949 George Cahill 05/01/2006
HI Tony Ryan 16/10/2002
Looking for Sean Murran of Clontarf Bernie 23/03/2006
Lokking for George janette jackson 19/02/2004
Looking for George Jackson Mary Kearns 19/02/2004
Br Zanatta Mary 31/10/2002
Looking for Sean Murran Bernie 23/03/2006
Lindsay Shackleton Smith Mary Kearns 02/03/2004
i can be contacted on 91924007 or redshells@bigpond.com john perry 04/01/2006
hi Leader 03/02/2006
(No subject.) bill wilson 25/04/2002
Do you remember Jimmy Parkinson? C-BERSS 20/12/2000
Jim Parkinson ( Parky). Jim Green 25/07/2003

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