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What does C-BERSS provide?

  • Advocacy
  • Information
  • Counselling
  • Reunification (helps with the process for former Child Migrants)
  • Adult education (by providing funding in specific circumstances)
  • No interest loans (conditions apply)

Personal & Family Issues:


Confidential counselling is available to help you deal with personal issues in your life and relationships. Counselling is provided by one of our professional, highly qualified counselling team.


Specific service for former UK and Maltese child migrants who were resident at Christian Brothers homes. We offer support and advice in the process of meeting with family members, or in travelling to country of origin. We provide preparation and support during and after this process.

Former British and Child Migrants may be eligible for reunification funding. We can assist in applying to the Australian Government Child Migrant Travel Fund to return to the UK or Malta.

Support to Family Members

We offer counselling and information to family members whose lives may have been affected by life at a Christian Brothers' Home or School.

Advocacy and Referral

We can help in representing client’s interests in dealing with other agencies and can assist in making contact with other helping services.Top

Personal & Family History:

Family Tracing

We can assist clients in obtaining information about family members and seeking documents relating to other family of origin.

Click here for more information about PHIND...Personal History Index (PHIND)

For former child migrants from the UK and Malta, as a licensed holder of the PHIND computerised index, we can assist in finding out where a client’s records are located.

Photographic Collection

We have a selection of photographs of the buildings and residents for viewing which can be purchase for a small cost. Top

Practical Assistance:


Not all former child migrants are Australian citizens. We can help find out about a client’s citizenship status and assist those wanting to obtain Australian citizenship.

Forms & Applications

We can help you get and fill out official forms and applications such as passports and visas.

No Interest Loan Scheme

A loan of up to $250 is available to assist in essential purchases (eg fridge, TV, washing machine) or for essential repairs (eg vehicle etc) with no interest and no fees (conditions apply). Top

Skills and Development:

Adult Education

We offer support to ex-residents who wish to improve their reading, writing and other educational needs eg. Computer skills. Adult Education Classes can be organised at C-BERSS, at a time to suit you, given sufficient demand.

Let Us Know...

If you need more information about our services or wish to suggest others we could provide.

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