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Australian Archives
Jen Ford (08) 9470 7500
Australian Senate - Inquiries
Bindoon Catholic Agricultural College
Bindoon Old Boys
Laurie Humphreys (08) 9337 4850
Br Barry Coldrey (Historian)
Child Migration
British Consulate (Passports & Citizenship Information)
1902 941 555
Building Virtual Bridges: Malta & Australia
Website for the Maltese Community in Australia
Care Leavers Australia Network
Actively supports those who were placed in care in Australia as children
Catholic Migrant Centre
21 Victoria Square, Perth. A primary source of information for child migrants placed in Catholic Institutions.
You can phone Sister Flo O'Sullivan on (08) 9221 1727
Child Migrant Friendship Society
Maureen Colgan (08) 9317 2753
Child Migrant Information
Information from the Department of Health in Britain. Telephone (08) 9612 3643 For access to records 1800 886 881
Child Migrants Trust
Perth contact (08) 9386 3605 Melbourne contact (03) 9347 7403
Christian Bros Archivist Ms Christina Garnett
Christian Brothers Archivist and PHIND Administrator. Phone (08) 9365 2813
Christian Brothers
Department for Community Development
Holds many original Birth Certificates and childhood records.
You can phone John Priestley on (08) 9222 2555
Ireland: Residential Institutions Redress Board
The Board was set up under the Residential Institutions Redress Act 2002 to make fair and reasonable awards to persons who, as children, were abused while residents in industrial schools, reformatories and orphanages.
Irish Inquiry into Child Abuse
International Social Services
ISS Australia
International Social Services (Australia)
Melbourne 1300 657 843
Sydney (02) 9517 4770
Maltese Consulate (Perth)
(08) 9378 3777
Mens Health & Wellbeing Assoc. (WA) Inc.
Provides information and actively promotes and supports the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of men.
Tel: (08) 9487 0087
Mens Line Australia
1300 789 978
Mens Own Counselling & Health Information Centre
Minister for Citizenship & Multicultural Interests
This website features the Eligibility Criteria for Travel for Child Migrants from the UK and Malta to travel to their country of origin. This relates to the recent Senate Inquiry and the Government's response to the recommendations made.
National Archives Of Australia
Often has records of arrival.
National Statistics (UK)
The Official UK Statistics site
The Personal History Index of Child Migrants sent to Catholic Homes between 1938-1965. Can help you find out where records about you are located.
admin@westcourt.wa.edu.au or welcome@cberss.org
Resource Group (for Abuse Victims)
FREECALL 1800 072 390
Senate Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care
Tardun Agricultural College
Tardun Old Boys’ Association
Keith Spencer (08) 9276 7073
The Children's Society (UK)
The Children's Society is one of the largest and most innovative children's charities in Britain. Founded in 1881 and working through over 100 projects throughout England and Wales, we reach out to nearly 40,000 children and young people every year helping to find solutions to the very serious problems they face.
The Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia
The Welfare Of Former British Child Migrants
Select Committee on Health Third Report from the House of Commons.

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