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August 2005, Volume 8, Issue 2

-C-BERS: Moving With The Times

-A Time & A Place

-A Final Meeting Between Old Friends

-An invitation to take part in...

-Moving On


-Private & Confidential

-DVD of Unveiling of Child Migrant Memorial, Fremantle

-Wanting Contact




December 2004, Volume 7, Issue 3
-Events Have Overtaken Us
-Minister Unveils Child Migrant Memorial
-Child Migrant Memorial Plaques
-Compensation Claims from Ireland
-Where To Now?
-A Good Cause For Celebration
-Joan Kerry Farewells Australia
-And We Say Goodbye .. and Thank You
-Back To Bindoon
-A Visit From Clan
-ISS Travel Fund
-Wanting Contact
-Historical Photos


September 2004, Volume 7, Issue 2      PDF
-Memorial Moves Ahead
-Geordie's Spirit Shines Through
-Stop Press
-C-BERS Service Assurance
-Honour for Board Chairperson
-Mary Leaves C-BERS
-C-BERS at the Crossroads
-A Story of Survival, Success ... and Celebration
-Time is running out for the Australian Child Migrant Travel Fund
-Compensation for Abuse In Irish Institutions
-"Welcome Walls" to Record Western Australia's Migrant Heritage
-Farewell To Our Old Friends
-Future Directions for C-BERS
-Australian Child Migrant Project
-A Personal Postscript to the Clontarf Bus Crash Story


March 2004, Volume 7, Issue 1      PDF
-Clontarf Reminders
-"Scars From The Past"
-We Welcome Our New C-BERS Counsellor
-And Farewell Michael Anderson...
-Child Migrant Memorial in Fremantle
-After All These Years...
-Senate Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care
-Good Grief... It's Only Natural
-Literacy Honour for Castledare/Clontarf “Old Boy”
-Dealing with Loss and Grief
-Child Migrant Friendship Society Celebrates with “SAUSAGES and SONGS”
-Senate Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care


October 2003, Volume 6, Issue 3      PDF
-Senate Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care
-Because ... A Picture Paints A Thousand Words
-Help to Trace Families
-UK Families "Get-Together"
-Quest For "An Identity"
-Notice Board: Wanting Contact
-Notice Board: Memorial
-Notice Board: British Former Child Migrants


June 2003, Volume 6, Issue 2      PDF
-What happened to the Aussie Kids?
-Castledare Old Boy Honoured in Centenary Awards
-Calling "the Aussie Kids"
-Do you need help with reading and writing?
-Australian Child Migrant Project - Assistance with Family Tracing
-Care Leavers Australian Network (CLAN)
-Writing Your Own Story...
-Tardun Reunion
-On Air


March 2003, Volume 6, Issue 1      PDF
-The Courage "to Change"
-Child Migrants' Memorial
-C-BERS says goodbye... and good luck
-Catholic Migrant Centre launches brochure for former child migrants
-We Answer Your Questions About...
The Australian Migrant Travel Fund
-A Personal Reconciliation
-Maltese Former Child Migrants
-Tardun Old Boys
-Waiting Contact
-Farewell: Sister Rudolph


December 2002, Volume 5, Issue 4      PDF
-Tardun Mates Get Together In Tassie
-Christmas: A Time To Celebrate Hope
-Money Money Money!!!
-An Open Letter to C-BERS EX-PRESS
-Friends for Life
-Of Christmases Past and Present
-Travel Fund for Maltese and UK former Child Migrants
-Tardun Old Boys
-Wanting Contact
-Clontarf Old Boys


September 2002, Volume 5, Issue 3
-Giving Meaning to What We Say
-Australian Travel Fund Funding Criteria Announced
-Generous Donation will be put to Good Use
-Our New Clinical Supervisor
-Reading and Writing and... You'll Never, Ever Know If You Never, Ever... GIVE IT A GO!!!
-Mal Writes...
-Robert Writes...
-Bindoon Old Boys
-And... Goodbye


June 2002, Volume 5, Issue 2      PDF
-Stories Take Pride of Place
-Good News for Child Migrants
-Righting The Wrongs
-Maltese History ... in the Making
-Goodbye and Goodluck
-A Surprise Homecoming
-Child Migrants of Malta


March 2002, Volume 5, Issue 1
-Lifting the Veil of Secrecy
-On the Trail to Track our Families
-Your Privacy
-Good Idea Suggestion Box
-ISS - Counselling in Sydney
-C-BERSS Welcomes
-The Other Half of the Family


December 2001, Volume 4, Issue 4      PDF
-Holding On To Our Humanity
-We Salute...
-Honouring the Boys of 1947
-International Congress on Child Migration
-October Get-Together
-and After All That...
-UK Acknowledges Needs of Former Child Migrants in Australia


September 2001, Volume 4, Issue 3      PDF
-Lost Innocents: Righting the Record
-Celebrating Christmas in July
-Malta Migrants Matter
-Searching Since 1958
-Farewell: Recent Obituaries


June 2001, Volume 4, Issue 2      PDF
-A Welcome Change In Attitude
-C-BERSS Gets The Thumbs Up
-Malta Migrants Meeting
-A Better Understanding of Where Mick Comes From
-Client Confidentiality


March 2001, Volume 4, Issue 1
-A Message of Hope
-Malta Memories .. Preserved for Posterity
-CBERSS in Cyberspace
-A Friend in Need
-Who's Who at C-BERSS
-A Second Chance in Life
-C-BERSS Counselling Extended
-Meeting up with the old Tardun Boys
-CMFS Reunion
-See it at C-BERSS


December 2000, Volume 3, Issue 4      PDF
-The Ties That Bind Us
-C-BERSS Submission to Senate Enquiry
-Assistance With Family Tracing
-Assistance With Reunification Travel
-Memories Of Christmas
-Support For Victims Of Abuse


September 2000, Volume 3, Issue 3
-Reunion Luncheon
-Patrick Goes Home To Derry
-Senate Inquiry into Child Migration


June 2000, Volume 3, Issue 2
-A Family Lost and Found
-Money Matters


March 2000, Volume 3, Issue 1
-Commonwealth Government Rejects Responsibility for its Role in Child Migration
-After the Institution...
-Saying Sorry and Meaning It!


December 1999, Volume 2, Issue 4
-5 Years Down The Track
-It Helps to Talk About It
-Get-Together At St Catherine's College
-"Matt" Discovers The Secret Of Love


September 1999, Volume 2, Issue 3
-Historic Meeting Helps To Build Bridges
-Finding Our Families
-A Seven Year Search


June 1999, Volume 2, Issue 2
-Do you remember this face?
-First PHIND for us
-A Way Back Home
-A Pinch of Salt


March 1999, Volume 2, Issue 1
-"Finding" the Pieces -- of our past
-Who's Who at C-BERSS: Michael Anderson
-The Response of the British Government to the Report of the Health Committee
-Malta Bound - A Journey of Remembrance


December 1998, Volume 1, Issue 5
-Reunification Travel: "We'll Meet Again"
-Goodbye to Paul Carman
-A Christmas Family Reunion


September 1998, Volume 1, Issue 4
-What A Reunion It Was!!!
-60 Years On ... Celebrate 1938
-First the name, now the logo
-Owning Our Past ... Claiming Our Future
-C-BERSS' Submission to the British Inquiry
-Still the Best Mates - The Story of Richard and Paddy
-Books, books, books, ...and tapes


June 1998, Volume 1, Issue 3
-Child Migrant - British Enquiry
-It's Never Too Late To Learn
-Focus on Castledare
-Memories ... Eric Hood
-Memories ... Brendan McCloat


April 1998, Volume 1, Issue 2
-CBERS Services now cover ex-students as well!
-Patrick Covell Finds His Brother


December 1997, Volume 1, Issue 1
-Back In The ... Old Days
-Focus On Tardun
-A Message From Maria Harries
-Tardun Reunion Weekend
-About Tardun Old Boys



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