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C-BERSS is A Service for men (and their families) who, as children, were place in the care of Christian Brothers’ homes in Western Australia. These were:



C-BERSS Services is an independent agency which was set up in early 1995 to provide a broad range of services which may benefit men who previously lived at child care institutions run by the Christian Brothers in Western Australia.

Who funds it?
The money to operate C-BERS Services comes from the Congregation of Christian Brothers to whom the agency is financially accountable but functionally independent from.

Who manages C-BERSS?
The agency is managed by an independent Management Committee, which makes the decisions about budgets and services for ex-residents. It is chaired by Senior Lecturer in Social Work and former President of the WA Council of Social Services, Maria Harries. The two other members comprise Dr Debra Rosser and George Horton, retired company director and member of the Anglicare Board of Management.

Terms of Reference

  1. To implement and operationalise the recommendations of the Interim Report and the Final Report of the Independent Advisory Panel to assist former Residents of Christian Brothers’ Child Care Institutions.
  2. To liaise with all relevant parties to establish and develop the necessary services.
  3. To provide avenues for dialogue for those interested in reconciliation
  4. To establish mechanisms for prioritising and providing services and for publicising such services.
  5. To ensure that service are functionally independent from the Congregation of Christian Brothers, but financially accountable to it.
  6. To establish professional and confidential internal management and recording systems for all services.
  7. To engage such staff as are required, and to put in place systems for the management and support of the day-to-day activities of all such staff.
  8. To determine an appropriate budget for Management Committee activities and provision of services.
  9. To develop appropriate accounting systems for Management Committee activities and services.
  10. To organise a review of all Management Committee activities in October 1995 with a view to evaluating progress and determining and recommending ongoing work required.

Br. G.T. Faulkner, cfc
Chairman of Trustees
January 31,1995


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