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Dr Mark Sachmann
Clinical Supervisor
Mark has worked in the area of adult psychiatry for over 15 years and specialises in the management and treatment of individuals who have experienced early childhood trauma.

Mary Kearns

Pip White
Counsellors (Wednesdays)
Philippa - Pip - is a social worker and research consultant. She joined CBERS as a counsellor in December 2003 and prior to that time was involved in preparation of the CBERS Senate Inquiry Submission. She is currently completing her PhD in Social Work and Social Policy at UWA. Pip sees the work done by CBERS as a positive step forward to recognising the harm caused in the past, helping people reconnect with their families of origin, and providing support and assistance to the men who are ex-residents of institutional child care and/or former child migrants.


Sjoukje Tarbox

Sjoukje Tarbox
Counsellor (Monday, Thursday)
Sjoukje (pronounced SHOW-KIA with the SHOW like shower) has had 15 years experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist for both agencies and private practice.

Sue Fullerton
Administration (Wednesday, Thursday)
Sue is a fifth generation Australian born and brought up in Perth. She joined C-BERSS in June 1999. Her working background is in office administration. Sue is glad to be working in her old stomping ground of Subiaco and enjoys the caring environment C-BERSS offers to clients.

Sue Fullerton

Lorraine Hipkins
Administration (Monday, Tuesday)
Lorraine was born and bred in Perth and spent much of her working life in the property industry and joined C-BERS Services in May 1997 as part of the administration team. Lorraine and Mary say they like working at C-BERSS because it enables them to "work with and on behalf of such a richly diverse and likeable group of people".


Maria Harries

Dr Maria Harries
Maria is the Chairperson of C-BERS Services. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Policy in the School of Social and Cultural Studies at the University of Western Australia where she has worked for twelve years. She is currently an Elected Councillor with the City of Subiaco in Western Australia. Some of the other positions she has held are President of the Western Australian Council of Social Services (WACOSS), the Australian Association of Social Workers WA Branch (AASW) and the Advisory and Coordinating Committee on Child Abuse (ACCCA).

Maria has been a social worker for 30 years during which time she has worked in mental health, child protection and various health and crisis services. She now maintains her involvement in practice by working with a number of non-government organisations including the Schizophrenia Fellowship and MercyCare. She also does consultancy work in which she prefers to focus on ethical issues in practice and organisational life. Chairperson

Dr Debra Rosser
Debra is an industrial sociologist with an early background in nursing. She has worked in the University sector, has consulted widely to industry on management matters and is currently a Director of Blair Fox Generation WA. Debra is on the Governing Council of Central TAFE in Perth.

Dr. Debra Rosser

George Horton

George Horton
George's background is in Electronic Engineering. He worked for IBM for many years and as Community Relations Manager, managed IBM's involvement in a range of community activities and services including Channel 7's Annual Telethon. George has had a long standing involvement in the Police and Citizen's Youth Club and Perth ITeC (a retraining centre for displaced employees).


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